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New shows after communication on website and radio promo!! tom verhoeven (the head radioslut and owner) On this moment i have medical health problems but: “Ill be back” Every sunday on even weeknumbers from 21.00 -23.00 (CET.) tom verhoeven live on BDSMradio.EU. His show is in ducth and he speaks (broken) english. Reactions/requests are welcome. During the broadcast we have a live chat. Who is tom verhoeven?Funder and owner from this radio station since 2003. He wants that people accept the BDSM life style without discrimination. A long way to go with a lot of problems. BDSMradio.EU costs a lot of money so gifts are very welcome. Also we're lookin for english speaking DJ's who want to make programms from their own home studio. Do you like this? Mail tom verhoeven. Financing BDSMradio.EU.A part from the costs we are making is paid by, and gifts from people. Making legal radio cost a lot (most music rights BUMA/SENA). The last years we are just breakeven. So we can't do extra things. Greetings,Tom Verhoeven Tips and reaction are welcome : Links: Facebook personal: Facebook BDSM Radio News: Facebook BBW & BDSM: Facebook: BDSMradio.EU page: Twitter personal: Twitter BDSM News: Twitter Playlist radio: Fetlife BDSMradio.EU: Fetlife personal: